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Not Just a Fashion Cliche

In the past when one thinks of a thick, functional though not fashionable coat for any weather or unpleasant outdoor situations, the Barbour coat comes to mind, as for a long time it was the most used coat in Britain for just such situations, used by royals and regulars alike, but the image of this clothing has been changing, remained functional but becoming more fashionable as well.

Now and Then

Barbour has always portrayed an image of steadfast reliability and functionality, though often its clothing and particularly its famous coat has not portrayed a positive image when it came to stylish attire. Through in recent trends it has become of greater demand to have clothing that is not just stylish but also functional and durable, especially when it comes to Britain's often windy and wet climate and erratic weather, and thus a niche formed where this brand of clothing could slip into. This thus provided the increased demand for the functionality of trends and while still keeping its influence's of classic and iconic traditional styles, which has made the clothing so durable and likeable in the past and has now created the comeback of this brand in the present.

Top of Fashion

This iconic jacket and the other clothing and attire available by this well beloved and recognized British brand has truly become a current and top contender at the height of fashion, its popularity returning as it has become a fashionable trend to be worn by both the British Royalty, aristocrats and regulars alike. The coat especially has had great success and grown as a brand, especially in the form of being a great attire addition in outdoor activities and is now excepted as a functional jacket that can be placed over anything, from a causal pair of jeans and t-shit to that skimpy and sparkly evening dress that does not do every well in the rain. It has now become the essential way to keep out the rain and wind, whatever the occasion.

New Generation Popularity

The Barbour brand produces clothing and accessories that cater for men and women, as well as children of all ages. It has come back from being simply a necessity in clothing to highly fashionable and influential stylish attire to complete any outfit in outdoor activities and helping to tame that iconic British weather that made it so popular in the first place.