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Electric Arguments By The Fireman (paul Mccartney)

Paul McCartney's newest album, Electric Arguments, isn't actually under his own name but under the name The Fireman. The Fireman is an experimental music collaboration between McCartney and a producer who goes by the name Youth (Martin Glover.) Electric Arguments is actually their third album. Their first two were 1993's Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest & 1998's Rushes.

Unlike their first two albums, Electric Arguments is more vocal based. The songs are songs rather than just soundscapes. Rushes was a spaced out ambient album that only included vocals occasionally and when they were included they were mostly as effects not as a melody line.

Although many people think of Paul McCartney as the "clean cut" Beatle or the guy that wrote songs like "My Love" and "Silly Love Songs" in the 1970s, McCartney has a strong history as being an experimental musician as well. And his projects with Youth are the best examples of that (also look for the Liverpool Sound Collage.) But this time McCartney has married his experimental tendencies with this pop songwriting tendencies and the result is this extremely interesting and exciting new album.

I'm hopeful that Electric Arguments will open people's minds to McCartney's music. To realize that this sort of creative genius is bubbling under the surface of almost all of his work. It's up to the listener to perceive it. A great way to start understanding the genius of McCartney's work is to realize that he's one of the most interesting bassists to ever lay down a bass line. Listen for the bass not only in The Beatles songs but also in his solo work. I think you'll be pretty amazed at what you've been missing if you haven't listened for it before.

For me Electric Arguments is one of the albums of the year. It definitely won't be seen that way by very many because really no matter how great an album he makes people are quick to dismiss it. And people would prefer it if someone like the dreadfully boring Coldplay put out the "album of the year."

Electric Arguments has me not only excited to keep on listening to this album but also to hear what else McCartney has up his sleeves. I'm hoping he keeps pushing things this direction. We don't need anymore "straight ahead" pop music from "Sir Paul" it's time for McCartney to let his arty freaky side out to roam free.

And yes, please release that ol' mysterious "Carnival of Light" while you're at it. If you're not a full on Beatles freak like I am then you may be wondering "what in the heck is Carnival of Light?" It's actually a great example of how McCartney has long been a very experimental musician.

It is a 13+ minute long experimental piece recorded by The Beatles on January 5, 1967 which has never been released (or even heard by more than a few people) as it's been deemed too weird for release. For a band that has released "Revolution #9" and "What's The New Mary Jane" that's saying quite a lot.

I say it's proof of McCartney's experimental side going back a long ways because it was McCartney who was behind the recording of this track.

Electric Arguments shows that McCartney's experimental side is still alive and well even though he is 66 years old. It's a wonderful thing to hear.