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18 years in Wuzhen Internet Conference, Ma Yun a female Canada Goose down jacket colourful pressure the masses, leapt to become one of the representatives of the "most will wear big man".

▲Look how happy Jack Ma is smiling in his Canada Goose jacket

This is not the first time Ma has worn the jacket, as he also wore the down jacket in early 2017.

As for 19, do you think Father Horse wore it?

Now look at the model upper body picture, there is a sense of time travel.

▲This color scheme is for women only. The fur collar is detachable.

In fact, not only Ma Da, Princess Bao has a group of friends who are wearing Canada Gooses and want to buy Canada Gooses.

Today Princess Bao has put together a complete Canada Goose knowledge bible to make you know this brand like the palm of your hand.

Before I do, I'm going to give you a shot in the arm. This is probably the longest checklist ever. Read the calculation you severe ~ see not over also suggest that we collect first!

Princess Bao's sweet catalogue:

Part1 -- Who is Canada Goose?

Part2 -- 7 things you should know about Goose

Part3 -- What is worth buying?

Part4 -- How to choose a size?

Part5 -- Spin-off series: Black Label, Fusion Fit, PBI

Part6 -- How does a big goose tell true or false?

Part7 -- How to Care?

Who is Canada Goose?

It is affectionately known as "the big goose". It is a Canadian national treasure down brand with a history of nearly 60 years.

In the early days, Goose was given to special agents such as the Canadian Border Patrol, police and environmental monitors, and was a standard item for the National Science Foundation's Antarctic expedition.

Later, the founder's grandson took over and developed the brand into the now world-famous Canada Goose

Princess Bao does not say, it is estimated that we often see, domestic and foreign stars are wearing big goose, it is the winter travel standard.

In previous years, people often chose conservative colors and styles:

▲Emma Stone in a Kensington parka (left) and Karlie Kloss in a Victoria parka (right)

▲Martha Hunt in a Trillium parka, left, and Erin Heatherton in a Montebello parka

▲Left: Zheng Shuang in Snow Mantra parka Right: Jing Boran in Expedition parka

▲Sui He in a Chilliwack bomber jacket (left) and Feifei Sun in a Trillum parka (right)

This year, people are more likely to choose bright colors or limited edition

▲Zhou Dongyu wore a men's Canada Goose Chateau parka

▲Song Qian wore a Canada Goose X Vetements limited edition camouflage parka

From time to time, Goose collaborates with other brands or platforms to launch limited editions. Vetements, Opening Ceremony, Concepts popular logo retail stores, etc. The design is more bold and fashionable. They are usually snapped up and hard to get. So it really depends on luck

▲Rihanna wore a Canada Goose X Vetements limited edition camouflage parka

Of course, when we choose such a large cold weather, in fact, the budget is quite high. Just the same style is not enough for us. Pack princess feel to buy things, must choose the most suitable for their own, so want to design, material to understand thoroughly, can start.

Today I will do enough homework for you, good research geese ~

Six things you should know about Goose

1. Made in Canada

Material selection, design, cutting, sewing and other series of production, Canada Goose always adhere to the "Made in Canada", to ensure the maximum quality of each big Goose.

▲The sewing men of Canada Goose sew the logo

2. Material -- "duck down" or "goose down"

The friends who study the big goose will find that duck-down, goose down, these two material brands are actually in use. Duck down is a little bit bigger. This is actually based on the different Settings of each style and the degree of warmth.

Heat preservation: grey goose down > white goose down BBB>ck down

The advantages of goose down: velvet flower is large, long fiber, good elasticity, no peculiar smell, excellent thermal performance.

Advantages of duck down: thermal performance is not bad, at the same time the price is more affordable than goose down, the service life is also very long ~

▲Goose down

3. Filling Power

Another important criterion for buying a down jacket is Filling Power (the volume of wool with a constant weight under characteristic conditions). Simply put, the higher the number, the warmer you are!

But the higher the index, the better: low fluffiness, good stress resistance, poor thermal performance; Too high fluidity, good warmth, poor pressure resistance; Only when the volume is moderate can both functions be balanced (volume of 500-550 is high quality, and volume of 550-750 is very high quality).

Canada Goose's down jacket basically maintains a puffiness of 625, which is really a conscientious work.

4. TEI Thermal Experience Index

Goes has also developed a Thermal Experience Index (TEI), which means each garment has a TEI and tells you what temperature it is suitable for wearing.

In Beijing, for example, TEI3 (-20 degrees resistance) or TEI4 (-25 degrees resistance) Canada Goose are suitable. One of Bao's friends, who lives in Beijing, bought a TEI5 (temperature below -30 degrees) garment, which she only wore once in the winter, but was afraid to take it out again because it was too hot... But there are also people who are naturally very cold and are more suitable for TEI5.

So do not buy the higher the index, but according to their own personal situation to analyze.


▲The TEL1 is lightweight and fits 5 degrees to -5 degrees; TEL2 multi-purpose stage, suitable for 0 degrees to -15 degrees; TEL3 basic level, suitable for -10 to -20 degrees; Tel4 persistence level, suitable for -12 degrees to -25 degrees; Tel5 Extreme Class, suitable for up to -30 degrees

5.Coyote fur collar

The brim of the hat comes from coyotes, which live in large numbers in Canada and the northwestern United States. The design of this ring of bristles can effectively break down the airflow and avoid frostbite.

6. Commitment to protecting animals

There has been some criticism of geese using coyote hair before, and a detailed response to this allegation is also posted on the Canada Goose website.

"We believe that all animals deserve to be treated humanely during their life and death and are deeply committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all animal materials used in our products. We do not tolerate any deliberate mistreatment or neglect of animals, or maliciously causing undeserved pain, harm or suffering."

So the fur and down materials used by the brand can be fully traced back to their origin and contain a country of origin label throughout the production chain.

Which Canada Goose models are worth buying?

We classify big goose styles according to length: short style, medium long style and long style. If I would like to introduce you one by one ~ (The following prices are the pre-tax bare prices on the official website)

1, short hot style

Popular short styles include the Chilliwack bomber jacket, Montebello parka, Chelsea parka, and Expedition parka.

Chilliwack bomber jacket

The aviator jacket style has always been a popular design. Simple, lightweight, and cool, the Chilliwack has attracted a lot of buyers. TEI3, suitable for everyday wear of -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling. The current colors are black, gray, dark blue, red, and army green. Remind everyone that the fur collar of this model is not detachable.

▲Chilliwack bomber jacket, 795 Canadian dollars

Montebello parka


Simple and uncomplicated, the length is slightly longer than the Chilliwack aviator jacket, which just covers the hips and doesn't have to worry about showing the waist when you reach out. Tei3 level 3 thermal, suitable for everyday wear of -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling. There's a lot of color options, but most of them are gone. (The website sells out quickly. Don't hesitate to see something you like.)

▲Montebello parka, 795 dollars

Chelsea parka


Chelsea is a relatively new style, currently worn by most celebrities, so many people are not familiar with it. But I really like it. The design is traditional, simple and not verbose. Many people experience it as "skinny!" . The waist line design is high, the overall body proportion appears better. Clothes inside the waist back drawing rope design. TEI3, suitable for daily wear from -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white eiderdown filling, removable fur collar.

▲Chelsea parka, 825 Canadian dollars

Expedition Parka


This model was originally designed for scientists in Antarctica. The layout is loose (more like a top visually, so I've categorized it as a shorter style). The design is more complex and thick than other styles. The whole is very practical, inside and outside plus sleeves, just have eight pockets! TEI5, suitable for extreme cold conditions below -30 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling, non-detachable fur collar. Available in black, white and red

Many people buy this to see the aurora borealis in the North Pole, but if you wear it everyday, it will be different for each person.


▲Expedition parka, $995

2、Medium to long style popular style

Popular mid-length styles include Shelburne parkas, Kensington parkas, Trillum parkas, Victoria parkas, Rossclair parkas and Lorette parkas.

Shelburne parka

Traditional simple down jacket design, more conventional. Although also be cultivate one's morality money, but more loose on the vision, appear atmosphere. The ~ TEI3, suitable for everyday wear of -10 to -20 degrees, has 625 fluffy white duck-down filling and removable fur collar.

▲Shelburne parka, 925 dollars

Kensington parkas


Some might think Trillium's matching rate is too high and switch to Kensington. The length of this style is knee-length. Friends who are afraid of cold legs but don't want too long legs can choose this style. The design details of two rows of buttons at the bottom of the rear piece are designed to facilitate the needs of different activities. The waist has the adjustment elastic ribbon, has the obvious self-cultivation effect. TEI3, daily wear -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling, removable fur collar.

▲Kensington parka, 895 Canadian dollars

Trillum parkas

Trillum has more design than Shelburne, but less detail than Kensington. The front two large pockets, enough to meet the small items to carry! There is elastic drawstring design in the waist of the garment for easy adjustment. TEI4, suitable for -15 to -25 degrees of environment, is the same product with the highest thermal index of the style. White duck-down filling with 625 volume, removable fur collar.

▲Trillum parka, 895 Canadian dollars

Victoria parka

This style is absolutely minimalist. There is no obvious design, except for the striking Goose armband. Buttons, zippers, big pockets, stitches, all without ~ obvious details of thin waist, more slim. It's also very versatile. TEI3, daily wear -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling, removable fur collar.

▲Victoria parka, 875 dollars

Rossclair parka

The biggest characteristic of Rossclair is that the front is short and the back is long. It has a sense of design and the tail can be opened. On the positive side, the legs look long. The waist has A drawstring design, tightening and loosening, in two types of A and straight tube. TEI3, daily wear -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling, removable fur collar.


▲Rossclair parka, 925 Canadian dollars

Lorette parka

Lorette's biggest feature is this seemingly irregular quilted design, designed to trim the body. The design of the cuffs and buttons is also unusual. TEI3, daily wear -10 to -20 degrees, 625 fluffy white duck-down filling, removable fur collar.

▲Lorette parka, 950 dollars

3, long hot style

The most popular long style is the Mystique parka.

Mystique parka


The biggest advantage of Mystique is that it covers you from start to finish. The design is simple. It is TEI5 for both expeditions, but Mystique is more important for length and Expedition is more important for thickness. White duck-down filling with 625 volume, removable fur collar.

▲Mystique parka, $995

How to choose the size?

Simple introduction of the style, and to the headache of the step, choose the size.

When we choose the size, we take the normal type as the benchmark and take the fit as the principle. See what you are used to inside build: for example you are used to inside build shirt, woolen sweater and other thin money, can choose normal size; But if you use thick sweaters and other thick items, you need to automatically add a size, otherwise it will be very tight.

Generally speaking, the size of a goose has little to do with its height, but more to do with weight. < 90 catties can choose XXS, 90-110 catties can choose XS, 110-125 catties can choose S, 125-140 catties can choose M, 140-160 catties can choose L, 160-180 catties can choose XL, 180-200 catties can choose XXL, the largest size is XXXL.


We need to talk about Victoria and Expedition separately. Victoria is a size smaller and Expedition is two sizes larger. Also, if the weight is just on the critical point, or please check the clothes before making a decision is appropriate.

If you're not in doubt, you can go to Goose's official website. On the right hand side of each style page, there's a "sizing guide" for you to take care of one by one.

▼Canada Goose derivative series

-Black label series

Some people will notice that the medium and long styles have been black labeled since last year.

The black mark is actually an early symbol of Goose, but it has not been as popular as the best-known existing symbol, the red mark. The positioning of the black label before 2016 is a level higher than the red label. The material used for the lining hardware is extraordinary, and the price is much higher than the red label.


After gaining more attention and affection, Goose revamped its product line in 2016, extending many medium and long styles into their black labels. Material gradually and the red label, the price is no difference, so more to see the preferences of users.

Speaking of here, in fact, the old goose and white standard, even no standard, white standard is more common in pure white thin, no standard has been the highest series, internal filling and external materials are top.

- Fusion Fit series

Fusion Fit is a collection specifically designed for petite, curvy users. The sleeves are shorter and the body is smaller. Generally, when choosing a size, you just need to subtract one size automatically. But for the figure of the devil, such as before more convex after more warped girls, it is best to check the circumference of the size and then start.

-Polar Bear International (PBI) Series

This is a collection that has made Princess Bao sit up and admire Canada Goose. In order to raise awareness about Polar bears, Canada Goose has created the PBI collection through a long-term partnership with Polar Bear International (PBI), the only organization dedicated to protecting Polar bears in the wild.


For every PBI jacket sold, Canada Goose will donate $25 to key funds for research and advocacy for polar bears and the environment.

▲So far, donations have totaled $1.3 million

How does "big goose" distinguish between authentic and fake?

Before buying clothes from Goose, be sure to buy them from its official website or an authorized retailer. Many people will try to find other channels to buy cheap, a big possibility is counterfeit goods. Before you buy, you can check the retailer on the website to avoid being scammed.

Through observation, distinguish between true and false, there are the following methods:

1. Observe the Arctic Disc

Rough embroidery details, color differences in the stitches and/or the shape of the maple leaves on the arctic disc are all key identification criteria. Sometimes even 'Canada' and 'Arctic' are misspelled.

▲Left fake, right authentic

2. Look at the folds of the fur

Authentic Canada Goose fur folds are thick and luxurious. They are functional and can protect the face from frostbite. The fake fur looks disheveled, knotted, sparse and sometimes dirty. Coyote fur rufflets are also softer than commonly used counterfeit substitutes, such as raccoon fur, and the quality of the seams on the fake hoods is rougher.

▲Left fake, right authentic

3. Look at the hologram

For the first time in the 2011 collection, a unique new image was stitched onto each Canada Goose jacket and accessory as proof of authenticity. The holograms created specifically for Canada Goose can see bear images or elements from different angles.

▲There's a bear in the red box, see?

▼How does Canada Goose Care?

1. Clothes are made of different materials, so the washing method is different. Before processing, you must carefully read the maintenance label.

2. Fur also needs rest. If possible, remove the fur and hang it vertically.

3. When hanging coats, opt for large hangers to keep them in their best shape.

Should be stored in a dry environment away from light.


4. The dust bag should be selected with air vent.


Well, today we conclude this, see here, I want to clap hands for your patience! I hope this article can help you choose a more suitable Canada Goose for you


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