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Canada Goose Store promises to be completely fur-free in 2022

Canada Goose, a luxury winter fashion company, has revealed that fur will no longer be used in hoodies. This is a popular decision for everyone who avoids the brand because they used fur trim on the hood. According to the announcement, the company plans to stop using “virgin” coyote fur in all products by 2022. Virgin fur means that captured animals are kept in cages for extended periods of time before they are slaughtered. Seemingly inconsistent with the “fur ban,” the company explained that the timeline to stop buying and manufacturing fur would not come into effect until the end of 2021.

Since 1957, Canada Goose has used fur, especially wild coyote fur trimmed from the acclaimed hoodie, as the primary material for its products. In recent years, the company has been dedicated to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving sustainability. The company has released the most sustainable hoodie. This is defined as 30% less carbon and 65% less water in production. This effort is facilitated by this same pledge called HUMANATURE, an initiative that promotes the sustainability sector of Canada Goose. Fashion companies have announced that they hope to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

Prior to Canada Goose’s sustainability and abuse-free movement, activists have repeatedly called for changes in procurement practices. Several campaigning organizations, such as PETA and Humane Society International (HSI), are calling on Canada Goose to work on fur sourcing.

“This is a significant step in the end of cruel fur fashion,” said Claire Bass, Executive Director of the United Kingdom of HSI. “For years, Canada Goose’s trademark hoodie jacket with coyote fur trim has been synonymous with fur cruelty, but today’s announcement is another major blow to the world’s fur trade, and much more. Kneeling from the punches of top designers and retailers in the dying industry away from PR-a nightmare of fur. “

Originally known as Canada Goose Metro Sportswear Co., Ltd.Is a Canadian-owned company with global revenues of approximately $ 985 million for fiscal year 2020. Of this amount, Canada generated $ 293 million and the United States generated $ 279 million. Total sales in US $ 780 million and sales in the US are $ 227 million.

Canada Goose CEO responds to anti-fur movement in statement

“Our focus has always been on creating products that provide outstanding quality and protection from the elements and work the way consumers need them. This decision is exactly what we continue to do. We’ll change the way, “said Dani Reiss, President and CEO of Canada Goose. “We continue to expand across regions and climates, launching new categories and products designed with intent, purpose and function. At the same time, we accelerate the sustainable evolution of design. I am. “

The fur industry is shrinking around the world as public awareness continues to rise. A group of animal activists continues to lead campaigns to end the international fur trade, and Canada Goose is now participating in a fur-free alliance that already includes fashion giants such as: Adidas, Prada, Zara, Gucci, H & M, And Valentino.. Along with the company, some retailers have also banned the sale of fur. Saks Fifth Avenue.. The retail ban continues to encourage brands to remove fur from their collections in response to changing consumer behavior.

Israel It became the first country to completely ban the sale and manufacture of fur, but many other countries are discussing a full-scale ban. In the UK Furless England Led by several designers, including Stella McCartney In an effort to extend the country’s 2003 fur farming ban to a full-fledged fur ban.

“Canada Goose’s furless policy prevents thousands of coyotes from being hurt and killed by cruel metal stalemate traps, and the British government recognizes that it is right to ban the import and sale of fur. Should strengthen its determination, by public and future-oriented fashion brands, “Bass said.

However, Canada Goose’s fur ban does not rule out all of the company’s cruelty to animals. The company still uses duck and goose wings in its jacket collection.

“PETA and its affiliates have suspended an international campaign against Canada Goose today after years of eye-catching protests, intense exposure, celebrity action and legal struggles. I prevented him from being caught in a barbaric steel trap and killed. ” “PETA is reminding the company to stop using the feathers that geese and ducks continue to suffer.”

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Canada Goose promises to be completely fur-free in 2022

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