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Canada Goose, not a simple goose


Why is Canada Goose so expensive? The melon eaters have something to say, this "big goose" is not simple!

Big goose 08 classic some down jacket regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter almost never discount, and the price at every 10000+...... He also has a shiny name: Canada Goose

This Canada goose is not only one of the "national treasures" of the Canadian people, but also has become a worldwide hit in the past two years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, David and his family, supermodel Gigi and Emma Stone are all big geese fans. Even foreign thieves want geese without money...

It looks like something, but why is Canada Goose so expensive? Is it reasonable to be expensive?

Let's start with the history of Canada Goose

In 1957, Sam Tick founded a company called Metro Sportswear, which specialized in wool vests, snowwear and other styles.

It was not until the 70s of the last century that his son-in-law, David Reiss, invented the volume-based plush machine that Canada Goose ushered in a new era.

The high price of the Canada Goose down jacket may be based on the following characteristics:

1. Adhere to local production

As long as what you get is not a copycat, so even if it is the authentic daigou big goose is definitely Made in Canada.

Although the labor cost in Canada is very high, the materials, design, cutting and production of each Canada Goose are completed locally, which not only avoids the situation that the foundry has cut corners, but also meets the promise that each piece is a high-quality product.

2.True material

The top coat, many of the Goose down jackets are made using the 'Arctic Tech' fabric technology, which keeps you dry and warm in extreme environments and climates.

Second, the filling inside, although the name is "goose", is clearly marked "white duck down" in the official filling column. This kind of material is produced in the very cold regions. It is light and warm. It is the best kind of duck-down.

The rim of the hat is coyote hair, which is said to be waterproof, resistant to ice, warm and light! The detail pockets are lined with flocking.

3, excellent performance against cold

Each Canada Goose is marked with a TEI index. The higher the TEI, the better its ability to keep warm and withstand cold, and it has no fear of trekking, urban strolling or polar exploration.

According to the official description, Canada Goose can be divided into five levels: lightweight, multi-purpose, basic, durable and extreme. Each jacket has undergone rigorous field testing!

So the problem comes, often ten thousand + big goose why can rotten street? The reason is simple: fake.

The fur collar of a genuine Canadian goose has drawn protests from environmental groups in Europe and Europe over the brutal killing of a wild coyote for its fur, while China's counterfeiters use farmed or wild wolves and some use raccoon hair.

Although Canada goose is good, but the price is high, so many consumers prohibited, and the "copycat goose" is to make up for this point, with high cost performance has won the favor of consumers.

Back in 2013, people started buying Canada Goose online. Open group in the introduction of blunt-spoken, this product is "high imitation, not genuine", "quality is placed there, like a group". The first batch of buyers who received the goods praised them, saying, "It contains twice as much down as an ordinary down jacket, which keeps you warm and looks good."

Cheap knock-off geese have eaten into sales of real geese, and Goose has filed a lawsuit in federal court against a group of fake geese from China. However, given that many of the copycat websites and merchants are based overseas (China), this will undoubtedly cause major problems for law enforcement.

In fact, those who have lived in China in recent years should not be surprised by the appearance of fake geese. After all, since the rise of X treasure, from the knock-off Chanel, knock-off Prada, knock-off LV, down to the knock-off Adidas, and knock-off Nike, they have been occupying a place in X treasure empire with strong and stable sales volume.

So, when Canada Goose became popular, it was also the fate of the copycat.

The fake version on Amazon Mall and the original version are all fake versions.