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On September 18, 1947, the U.S. Air Force became independent from the Army. The original yellow-green color was changed to Air Force blue. The material was also changed to nylon and the B-15 nylon jacket was widely used.

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Countless boys had a dream of joining the army when they were young, dreaming of being brave and heroic in a capable military uniform. Therefore, the military uniform has become an irresistible plot for almost all men, and the pilot is undoubtedly the most fascinating kind of many military dreams, because in addition to the military dream, almost everyone has an innate dream of flying. Therefore, the professional military uniform worn by the pilot has become the best carrier of this dream. The popularity of the flight jacket as a status symbol of pilots is not only because of its windproof and warmth, but also because of its spiritual taste. And when military clothing encounters pop culture, what wonderful chemical reaction will it produce? Next, Sister O will take you to explore the tortuous history of this magic jacket to this day!

The "one fur" that has been often mentioned so far is actually a process. In order to protect the soldier's body temperature in harsh environments, the best whole skin of lamb fur is selected for production. This process is called "one fur." ", it makes full use of the warmth of wool itself, so B-3 is also named "SHERPA" (referring to the Shepar people living in the cold plateau of the plateau). Leslie Irvin was the first designer and producer of the classic Shearling Jacket, and during World War II, it became the main supplier of the Royal Air Force for flight suits.

After talking about the bomber jacket, Sister O has to Amway ALPHAINDUSTRIES to you! Since its establishment in 1959, this veteran brand has been continuously commissioned to produce military high-performance jackets. Its most sought-after product, the MA-1 bomber jacket, is still popular today. To this day, the brand is still a leader in military fashion, and it continues to introduce new models, silhouettes, colors and details. In addition, ALPHAINDUSTRIES has often cooperated with top brands and different designers in recent years, so that products continue to be radiated with new concepts.

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The G1 Flight Jacket was first designed and put into use by the U.S. Navy in the 1930s. In 1943, it was jointly named ANJ-3 (ArmyNavyJacket3) by the Navy and the Air Force to replace the classic A2. Here ANJ-3 is named relative to A-2, which can be understood as a continuation of A2.

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The Aviator Jacket, as the name suggests, is a jacket specially designed for pilots. The historically recorded Aviator Jacket began in the flight competition in 1909. Like the century-old development of the aviation industry, the Aviator Jacket has also experienced a century of development history. In the past hundred years, with the continuous advancement of technology and technological innovation, flight jackets have been transformed again and again, and their materials and designs have been constantly changed. A series of classic styles have been derived. Flight jackets rely on practical functions and a very fashionable sense. The design is not only popular in the military, but also quickly set off a wave of enthusiasm in the fashion industry, and was strongly praised by the majority of fashion lovers. So far, various models of flight jackets have gradually become the darling of the fashion circle, and the shadow of flight jackets can be seen in the designs of some fashion big names.

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The movie "The Memphis Belle" was released in 1990. Fighting in a bomber jacket may be the reason why many boys want to join the army. Many film and television works can always make people realize that a stylish jacket is not only needed for fighting, but also the kind of fire that ignites the trend! Fashion players will willingly "invest" in a favorite shearing jacket, and contemporary designers are also willing to use brushes to draw the outline of this new form of "Shearling Jacket". Hard currency in winter-the bomber jacket, put on it, Maybe you can also have the feeling of taming the sky!

In 1917, in order to develop flight jackets and various aviation equipment, the United States set up a special aviation clothing committee. Of course, the research and development process is not very smooth. At a certain altitude, the heavy woolen uniform becomes wet and freezes. They become a fatal factor. A good substitute is warm and water-permeable leather. Therefore, leather has become the most important raw material to dominate flying clothing for nearly 40 years.

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MA-1 is developed from B-15, using high-strength nylon material from the fabric to the lining. In the early model, two layers of nylon were sandwiched with double-sided wool to keep warm, and then the original wool interlayer was replaced by a newly developed polyester fiber. The MA-1 is lighter in weight, and the polyester lining has stronger warmth retention. MA-1 abandoned the sheepskin fur collar because it prevented the driver from wearing the parachute shoulder strap. MA-1 may be the most popular flight suit in history. It is designed to be worn on both front and back. The orange nylon fabric can be easily searched by friendly forces after the crash. It was widely used in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. After decades of development, the U.S. military flight jacket was fully mature in the 1950s. It is even more popular in the mass market, and it is still active on the front lines of the trend.