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BRAND - Creating Your Personal Brand

Celebrities brand themselves for the sake of marketing products, creating a buzz and capitalizing on the consumer demand.

The problem is and this is also where the controversy may come in, some celebrities do not use the product they endorse. They are merely just the face of the brand, the image or character playing the role. So when it comes to personal branding the key is being authentic. Allow your brand to be who you are not who you want people to think you are.

So we spent 2011 branding ourselves, then in the first weeks of 2012, the experts say, death to personal branding. To brand or not to brand, that is the question.

B.R.A.N.D. - Being, Relevant, Authentic, Named and Distinguished

I was having a conversation with my uncle and he was discussing how we can sometimes lose sight of "Being". He said we can easily visualize a human thinking and a human doing but when we think of a human being we just think of mere existence and not living. Being is living and living requires being passionate about something and driven. When we are "Being" we are our authentic self. We understand that no one can do it quite like we can. We aren't competing. We are open which allows others to feel connected, inspired and enriched.

Being relevant is key and requires one to seek out information, research their niche and present it with confidence. You always want to be current and up to date. You want to be ahead of the change so you can prepare others for it.

Having confidence is easy when you are authentic. It isn't forced, rehearsed or contrived. You are doing what you are meant to do and it makes people believe you and in you. The key in personal branding is selling people on you. If you aren't sold on you, chances are no one else will be. Once they are sold on you, they will support everything that is an extension of you, clothing, books, perfumes, etc. They will also seek out the knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired in your field.

There is a saying, what you name, you can claim. Name your brand. You may choose to use your name or another name that can easily identify you, your passion or personality. Make sure the name speaks for itself and leaves an impression. For example, Rhachelle Nicol' is my personal brand, it's me and I am described as being encouraging, a source of inspiration, a motivator and transparent. RN Series, though the RN is simply my initials, the first thing you think of when you see RN is a nurse, I hope *wink*. But a RN or nurse is usually the one that takes out the most time with his or her patient. They are the first to check in on you, they take your vitals and they make sure you have everything you need before you leave. The name says it all. What do people expect from you when they hear your name and are you meeting their expectations?

How will people distinguish you from the rest? Are you approachable? Do you break things down and make them simple? Do you know where to direct them if you don't have the answers? It may be the way you carry yourself, how well you are put together, the knowledge you possess or your attention to detail. Whatever it is make sure it makes you stand out and distinguishes you from the packs.

No need of creating a persona or character for a show that has yet to air. Just be you, you are enough.