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Article Writing Tips - Killer Ways to Attract Targeted Traffic

Some of the articles that are published in the online arena these days are no more than just collection of words and random thoughts. It is no wonder why some article marketers are not getting the kind of attention they're looking for. I am sure you don't want to become one of them. Here are some killer ways on how you can add meaning, benefit, and real value to your articles in order to attract targeted traffic:

1. A compelling, catchy title will surely make a huge difference. Using creative titles is your only ticket to get your articles read. You see, even if you put together nice, useful content, nobody will pay attention to your copies if your headlines are unimaginative or mediocre. What I suggest is that you make them benefit-driven and write them in such a way that you'll arouse the curiosity of your target audience or in a way that you can push their emotional hot buttons. If you can do this, you can be assured that they'll take action right away.

2. Offer real value to your readers. Avoid writing articles just for the sake of having something to publish under your name. Keep in mind that you're trying to win the hearts of your readers here. So, give them something that has some "wow" factor. Write your copies with the aim to help your readers. Offer them with useful information, share with them a slice of your expertise, and help them solve their pressing issues. Then, write using simple terms and short paragraphs to help your readers easily understand each point that you're discussing.

3. Instill your personality when writing. One of the reasons why you're writing your articles is because you would like your target audience to know and like you. It will really help if you write the same way you talk to your friends or loved ones. Be jolly and spontaneous all the time to give your audience great reading experience. Tell jokes, share stories, and empathize when needed. Then, insert your picture on your resource box so your audience can easily put a face on the writer who gave them good read articles.

4. Stick with facts. I know a lot of writers who are trying to over stretch the truth or who are making exaggerated claims just so they can capture the attention of their potential clients. Well, this isn't a good practice in any type of business. If you lie to your customers and they found out about it, you'll surely lose their trust. Not only that, they will most likely to share their experience with other people and this can crash your reputation in an instant. You don't want that to happen, right?

5. Proofread your articles. Be one of those few responsible writers and check your articles before you get them published. Ensure that they don't contain grammar, factual, spelling and other errors. Also, improve the flow of your content when needed.